Our mission:

Eliminate the environmental impacts relating to the handling, treatment, and disposal of industrial wastewater.


Epiphany's founding team has spent nearly a decade perfecting a suite of technologies that will serve as universal solutions to the global water crisis.

Epiphany Environmental has exclusive rights to these technologies with the express intent of infinitely reusing industrial wastewater within a variety of industries, including:

  • Oil & Gas Production

  • Transportation

  • Power Generation

  • Chemical Processing

  • Textile Manufacturing

  • Environmental Remediation


Over the coming years, we intend to create a revolutionary change, a paradigm shift, that will transform the largest industries on the planet.


What Makes Epiphany Special?

Epiphany has developed the world’s first mass produced distillation plant in a box.

(This is much harder than it seems, and it’s never been done before.)

Seamless integration of four key component areas is required to make this possible.

E5H Exploded 2.gif

Product Design

Epiphany’s world-class design process creates precision engineered solutions designed for mass production.



Our systems employ state-of-the-art remote telemetry and control systems that operate autonomously.


Mass Production

Epiphany’s technologies are designed for rapid scale-up, use non-exotic materials, and can be made using unskilled labor, delivering repeatable, consistent results.


Supply Chain

By maintaining central control of our global supply chain with maximized central buying power, we can employ a just-in-time delivery model with minimal inventory.

Photo by Reuben Singh

Epiphany drastically reduces costs associated with industrial wastewater

  • Reduces monetary costs by 30-60%

  • Mitigates environmental damage

  • Allows for 90%+ recovery and reuse


Our technology opens the door to entirely new ways of approaching the water crisis that we believe, over time, will create a fundamental shift in the water purification industry of the 21st century.