Epiphany’s greatest long term opportunity lies in its ability to fundamentally transform the water purification industry.  By providing modular, pre-packaged, off-grid, water purification solutions, Epiphany can help nations to develop decentralized water purification capacity at a cost that can equal current large scale desalination plants. 

By creating a distributed network, we can greatly reduce the infrastructure expenses typically associated with centralized water desalination.  Furthermore, evidence provided by Goldman Sachs, the German Aerospace Center, and other extensive studies of the water industry, it is clear that worldwide deployment of conventional desalination technology is a nearly impossible task in terms of energy demand and capital requirements.  Epiphany’s technology makes it possible for the water purification industry to follow a path similar to that achieved by the cellular phone industry in many nations, where installation of land lines was largely bypassed and cellular technology was implemented quickly and inexpensively.