Epiphany's ERM3000 Mist Evaporator uses a state-of-the-art method for evaporating fresh water to the air with zero residual fallout.  Epiphany's proprietary design is based on extensive fluid dynamics modeling to achieve optimal droplet size, flow ratios, and evaporation rates.  Unlike other evaporators on the market, where up to 50-70% of the lofted water returns to the ground,  Epiphany's design allows for a 100% evaporation rate, with none of the lofted water falling back to the ground.

The ERM3000 is designed specifically to eliminate the ultra-pure distilled water that is produced by Epiphany's E5H distillation. Therefore, its flow rate and operational envelope closely matches the E5H.

Epiphany also offers wide range of Mist Evaporators for rain water or any other fresh water that must be inexpensively eliminated without transportation.