Epiphany Winner of 2016 Shale Gas Innovation Contest / by Tom Joseph

PITTSBURGH, PA –On May 18th in Pittsburgh during the 5th Annual Shale Gas Innovation Contest the following four companies each walked away with a winner’s check for $20,000:

·         Aridea Solutions -Developing an on-demand pneumatic actuated valve system operated through a proprietary software interface via the internet (IoT), allowing remote control at hard to access midstream sites

·         Compass Natural Gas - Building compression stations to access significant volumes of natural gas to produce CNG for delivery via truck/trailer to small through large industrial, transport, agricultural, commercial, municipal, and other customers in the region that currently don’t have access to pipeline natural gas

·         Epiphany Water Solutions - Providing a well pad based hybrid powered (solar, NG, or hard-wired) produced water remediation solution housed in 20 ft. shipping containers that uses a proprietary crystallizing chamber where all of the contaminants in the water drop out, leaving pure steam that can be further evaporated for zero discharge

·         HalenHardy, LLC - SPILLTRATION™ product line made from post-consumer and post-industrial materials, engineered to absorb and contain oil-based leaks and spills while allowing clean water to filter through, and for the products to be reused after oil is removed for recycling  

Gordon Craig, Chief Technology Officer from Epiphany noted, “Epiphany Water Solutions is honored to be recognized by the Shale Gas Innovation Contest and its well qualified panel of judges as a winner of the 2016 Shale Gas Innovation Contest. The contest is a great way to continue to improve the safety, efficiency, profitability and sustainability of the shale gas industry. The competition is especially valuable to Epiphany as it highlights our technologies in front of key personnel within the industry. It’s not often that you get to speak about your company and technology in front of the decision makers of so many E&P organizations.”