EPA: Fracking has no Broad Impact on Drinking Water by Tom Joseph

A controversial method for extracting oil and gas resources from the environment does not have a broad impact on drinking water, according to a report released Thursday by the Environmental Protection Agency.

But the EPA's nearly 1,000-page report on hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, did also conclude that there is a potential for some pollution on a local scale. Congress commissioned the study in 2010. The report is based on a four-year study.

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Group Ask for Federal Review of Ohio Injection-Well Program by Tom Joseph

 (Associated Press) A coalition of environmental and community groups asked a federal watchdog office on Wednesday to investigate alleged legal violations by the state’s injection well approval program.

In a letter to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Environmental Justice, the coalition, coordinated by the Citizens for Health, Environment & Justice, alleges that Ohio’s injection well program disproportionately impacts the state’s low-income Appalachian areas and has failed to meet a federal directive assuring those communities specific safeguards. 


U.S. Oil-Rig Count Drops Modestly Again by Tom Joseph

The U.S. oil-rig count fell by four to 642 in the latest week, according to Baker Hughes Inc., marking the 26th straight week of declines.

The drop is a deceleration from last week, when the count fell by 13.

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Water Treatment Equipment Market by Tom Joseph

Resource extraction is forecast to be the fastest-growing market for water treat¬ment equipment, as water consumption and wastewater treatment continue to be issues of concern to both oil and gas field operators and environmental agencies. The US EPA is also in the process of updating its standards for the treatment of wastewater from oil and gas shale and coalbed formations, which could further boost the market for water treatment equipment in resource extraction. Despite this, gains will be slower than the double-digit increases seen in the 2009-2014 period, when hydraulic fracturing activities and oil and gas field production were expanding at a very strong rate. 

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Waste-Water disposal Solution Eludes Shale Gas Industry (AP) by Tom Joseph

Pittsburgh (AP) - 

Defining wastewater disposal in the Marcellus shale fields has been a moving target.

Drillers initially sent millions of gallons to public water treatment plants, until regulators said the plants were not equipped to properly clean the salt- and metal-laden water that comes from shale gas wells. The traditional method of injecting it back into deep wells is less feasible in Pennsylvania, which has few such wells, and Ohio is accepting less wastewater because of potential links between injection and earthquakes.

Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/jan/31/wastewater-disposal-solution-eludes-shale-gas-indu/#ixzz3dEtcqFvN 
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Epiphany noted in Forbes Article by Tom Joseph

Epiphany was noted in Forbes magazine. The article is titled " Water is the Core of Health & Sustainable Development -- World Water Day Meets Technology." 

Link to Article: http://www.forbes.com/sites/nicolefisher/2015/03/30/water-is-the-core-of-health-sustainable-development-world-water-day-meets-technology/ 

World Water Day Conference at United Nations - Video by Tom Joseph

Tom recently spoke on a panel at the UN for a World Water Day. The panel included: 


Kodjo E. Mensah-Abrampa - Policy Advisor, United Nations Development Programme

Panel Members:

Marc Yaggi - Executive Director, Waterkeeper Alliance

P. William Staby - CEO and Co-Founder, Resolute Marine

Jim Cohen - Executive Vice President of Global Equipment Sales, MagneGas Corporation

 Link to Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5bifcGrHY8  

Tom Joseph - UN World Water Day Summit Speaker by Tom Joseph

Tom will be speaking at the United Nations World Water Day Summit on March 23rd. He will be on a panel discussing "Sustainable Innovations for Water Procurement".



Epiphany establishes Energy Technology Collaborative by Tom Joseph

Epiphany establishes the Energy Technology Collaborative to bring together the local clean companies operating in the Strip District and Lawrenceville, PA.  Companies involved in the Collaborative include: WindStax (http://windstax.com/), Aquion Energy (http://www.aquionenergy.com/) , kWantera (http://www.kwantera.com/) , EverPower (http://everpower.com/) , Encentiv Energy (http://www.encentivenergy.com/) , Netech Corp. , Alt-Esco (http://www.alt-esco.com/) ,  Epiphany Solar Water Sytems, LLC and others. 



Epiphany Featured in NPR Marketplace Segment by Tom Joseph

NPR featured Epiphany SWS nationally during its Marketplace segment. The segment discussed Epiphany's innovative solution to the growing water challenge in the produced water industry. You can access the article and audio via this link: http://www.marketplace.org/topics/sustainability/dirty-frackwater-could-yield-lots-green