Epiphany's E5H is a well-pad based Produced Water treatment solution that is designed to meet the needs of the Oil & Gas industry, particularly hydro-fractured shale wells.

The E5H is a hybrid system that uses a combination of concentrated solar power (CSP) and natural gas to run its distillation unit. The E5H utilizes a mechanical vapor re-compression (MVR) crystallizer distiller to purify the Produced Water. The MVR system removes contaminants from the produced water yielding a concentrated brine and pure distilled water.

Epiphany’s patent pending technology enables Oil & Gas operators to:

• Sustainably treat Produced Water onsite using hybrid CSP/natural gas

• Reduce water transport by over 80% 

• Reopen or maintain production in high cost water remediation areas (long distance from disposal/treatment)

• Reduce road congestion, degradation and emissions by removing trucks from the road

Over the past 8 years, shale gas production, with its horizontal hydro-fracturing technology, has become a world-wide industry that is rapidly changing the global energy outlook. The growth of shale gas and oil production has resulted in the emergence of a new challenge in water management - namely, the disposal/treatment of Produced Water.

According to the US Energy Information Administration, hydro-fracturing of a single shale gas well typically requires 3-5 million gallons of water. Much of the water returns back to the surface in the form of "Flow Back" water within the first month after drilling a well.  The majority of Flow Back water is treated and reused for drilling new wells.  The remaining water is gradually carried back to the surface in the form of high salinity "Produced Water" over the next several decades as the well produces gas or oil.

Produced Water, with its high salt concentrations and metals, is either transferred to treatment facilities or to disposal facilities, where is it deep well injected. Both methods require transporting the water away from the originating well pad.  Over a well's lifespan, the resulting cost of Produced Water handling represents one of the largest operating costs of the well. 

 Epiphany’s E5H solves this problem by purifying the water directly on the well pad. Epiphany's solution reduces risks, saves money, preserves the fresh water supply, and lowers the environmental impact.

  • Epiphany E5H is a portable water purification system housed in a 20 foot ISO container which can be transported by rail, truck or sea

    • transport weight 7,500lbs

    • input and output storage tanks on board

  • Able to purify water from TDS levels above 250,000ppm to below 100ppm

  • Produces a concentrated brine or salt slurry and pure distilled water

  • E5H is hybrid running off of concentrated solar power and natural gas

  • E5H is built for quick deployment: three individuals, two days depending on location

  • E5H utilizes remote telemetry, enabling operators to monitor and control the unit when they are away from the site