Epiphany's patent pending solar concentration technology allows for mass production of high quality, dual-axis tracking concentrators without the need for specialized equipment or exotic materials.  Made of stamped steel parabolic dishes with field-replaceable reflective inserts, our dishes offer best in class performance for a fraction of the cost of prior solutions. 

Below is just a partial list of our solar concentrators' unique features:

  • Inexpensive (up to 90% less than glass equivalent)
  • Highly Reflective (90%+)
  • Lightweight - less than 150 Lb (70 kg) per dish
  • Easily set up - no training required
  • Field replaceable reflective inserts
  • Wind resistant - hurricane rated to >85 mph (>140 km/hr)

In addition to being the core component of our solar distillation process, Epiphany also offers complete solar concentrators and receivers for sale to others who want to power their processes with solar thermal technology.